Announcing UXDX Global Community Events: Starting in New York, Expanding to Over 50 Cities Worldwide.

The launch of the 2024 Global Community Events will bring top speakers from leading companies in the industry to cities around the world for in-person engagements.

Announcing UXDX Global Community Events: Starting in New York, Expanding to Over 50 Cities Worldwide.

UXDX, the renowned platform for enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of software development, is thrilled to announce the launch of its 2024 global community events. The first event in this ambitious series kicks off at the Empire State Building, New York, in partnership with Priceline, a leader in online travel deals. This collaboration reflects both organisations' commitment to innovation and transformative approaches in their respective fields. 

"As the UXDX ambassador for New York and a leader in the tech industry, I'm excited about our partnership with UXDX, reflecting our shared vision of revolutionising travel experiences through continuous evolution and customer-centric solutions," says Ryan Leffel, Head of Design at Priceline. "Priceline consistently leads in design and technology, prioritising active engagement with the local community. We are delighted to be hosting the UXDX events in our offices to enable other teams as they transform their software development processes."

The series continues with its second event, slated for February 13th, in the vibrant heart of Barcelona at MOB Bailén. Nestled in a hub of innovation and creativity, Mob Barcelona provides the perfect backdrop for an event that promises to be inspiring, blending the historic charm of the city with cutting-edge discussions in technology, under the expert guidance of host Miquel Álvarez, Lead UX Designer at Thoughworks.

This will be followed by an event on February 22nd in Berlin at Techspace Kreuzberg, which stands as a testament to Berlin's vibrant tech scene. Hosted by the dynamic duo, Victor Petrichenko, Quantitive Researcher at SumUp, and Pauline Keating, UX Research Lead at Universal Music, this event will have them leading groundbreaking discussions.

The fourth event is set for February 28th at Imaguru in Warsaw, a venue known for its dynamic ambiance and as a crucible for creative minds. At the helm of this event is Piotr Sliwa, Portfolio Manager at NG Logic, who will infuse the gathering with a blend of innovation and insightful discourse.

Following these initial events, the series will expand to more than 50 cities worldwide, marking a significant step in UXDX's mission to help teams transition from project-based to product-focused workflows globally. This growth not only showcases UXDX's influence in changing how companies approach software development but also emphasizes the importance of better processes for improved outcomes for customers, companies, and employees.

Join us as we embark on this global journey, fostering a community of thought leaders and innovators in the realm of software development.

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