How to Create Adaptable Product Strategies

Product strategies should adapt to the evolving user's needs and scaling team, but at the same time should remain aligned to the company vision.

How to Create Adaptable Product Strategies

Product strategies should be able to adapt to the evolving user's needs and scaling team but at the same time should always remain aligned to the company vision.

At UXDX Community Europe West, Fani Bahar, Senior Product Manager at VMware and Roberta Virzi, Senior UX Designer & Team Leader at will share their experiences on how they’ve approached their product strategies and examples of how they built these strategies from the ground up or pivoting an existing roadmap.

Fani has over 10 years of diverse experience as a Business Analyst, Software Engineer. During her career, she made the transition to Product Manager. At VMware Tanzu Lab, she focuses on building client products and working with the product development team, she uses all her experience to enable her client to be a better Product Manager and team player.

Roberta has been working as a Designer since 2010 and has specialised in the e-commerce sector. She worked for many startups and she's currently a Senior UX Designer and Team Leader at, one of the world’s leading digital travel companies, making it easier for everyone to experience the world. Roberta has a strong impact on the design and UX community within the company; enhancing collaboration, product alignment, feedback culture and creating a psychologically safe environment. She always strives to find the right balance between user and business needs, managing stakeholders and developing product strategy.

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