How to Futureproof an Organisation? Diversity & Inclusion

How to Futureproof an Organisation? Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion in recent years has been at the forefront of many organisations to help improve relations in the workplace. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked our speakers from our upcoming events what Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace means to them.

“It means to me that everybody feels welcome, supported and respected. It's being able to be heard and to share your opinion. Being able to find opportunities for impact and personal growth. Diversity gives every company strength.”

Roberta Virzì, Senior UX Designer & Team Leader at will be speaking at the upcoming UXDX Europe West Community.

“Investing in D&I doesn’t just serve the people, it serves the business, and should in my opinion be considered foundational for any strategy to drive growth and profitability.”

Shilpi Sinha, UX Researcher at Pandora will be speaking at the upcoming UXDX Nordics Community.

Shilpi goes onto say: “Organisations are rushing to build their innovation capabilities and becoming ‘future-proof’ by transforming their ways of working and following an ‘innovation blueprint’ consisting of components such as Design Thinking and Psychological Safety. But you can’t talk about psychological safety and future-proofing the workplace without talking about Diversity & Inclusion. A diverse and inclusive workplace is both an organisational health insurance as well as a competitive advantage.”

“For me, D&I in the workplace is important for the employee and the company. I see diversity and inclusion as an interconnected concept that allows people from different backgrounds and cultures to be represented and at the same time, their opinion is valued".

Fani Bahar, Senior Product Manager at VMware will be speaking at the upcoming UXDX Europe West Community

Fani continues to state that a company with high diversity will gain diverse ideas from its employees that will push it to be more innovative. Additionally, having a high degree of inclusivity will make employees feel valued and heard, which essentially allows them to remain in the company.

“I always believe design and tech have the power to do good and include as many people as possible. This belief has been even more unshakable since 2020, when racial injustice, global uncertainty and political changes have come to light.

Paya Do, Senior Product Designer at H&M will be speaking at the upcoming UXDX Nordics Community.

Paya also says that it has shown that diversity & inclusion in the workplace is more than just a number to reach. Gender, disability inclusion, LGBTQ+ equality & bringing people from different economic backgrounds to our company can bring learning opportunities, broaden our exposure to different perspectives and boost our sense of belonging; which can improve company performance according to some studies. I have always enjoyed working in a team where diverse staffs; together with the effort from the management level to be proactive and adaptable to the individuals; are present.

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